We are Trinity Eco-tours. Our knowledgeable hospitable staff will engage you in The Thrill of a Lifetime! Our  whale watching tours /expeditions by Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB)  will get you close to the action.  See icebergs, whales, and other marine wildlife from the comfort of your individual shock mitigated seat aboard our vessels.

Our guides will ensure that you have  the best tour viewing all of the available wildlife and whales in the area.

Observe whales up close and personal with a narrative of whale behaviour by our friendly, local experienced Skippers.

Our lodge also provides accommodations for your stay in the Trinity area, a tremendous jump off point for all of the hiking trails, museums and historic sites, tours, cultural events and culinary experiences in the Bight and the entire Bonavista Peninsula.

Zodiac Tours

Zodiac ToursThe Thrill of a Lifetime is  our theme and mantra. Thrill to the speed and agility of our Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat while exploring the icebergs, whales & wildlife. Trinity is the prime feeding areas for Humpback, Fin, Sperm, Minke whales as well as Dolphins, Porpoises, Bluefin Tuna, Seals plus Puffins, Eagles Guillemots and more.  Experience whale human social interaction in the rugged coastline of Trinity Bay. View our galleries of pictures taken on tour!

There will be a 10% discount for tours booked online and entering the discount code 000123.

Kayaking Tours

Kayaking ToursOur Harbour Kayak  Tour is perfect for the beginner to the more experienced kayaker. This leisurely option consists of a tour around the harbour to enjoy the local scenery, waterfalls, arches and caves. For the more experienced or adventuresome kayaker get towed out to a far point to maximize your chances of interacting with whales and other marine life.  Your final destination is 4-7 km away.


AccommodationsOriginally built in the 19th Century, our 6 en suite rooms in the Trinity Eco-tours lodge have been completely restored. Enjoy the modern conveniences in an historic property.

There will be a 10% discount for rooms booked online and entering the discount code 000123.

What You’ll See

What You'll SeeOur Whale/Human interactions have been documented in news stories all over the world. Orcas, Humpback, Finback, Sperm whales as well as Dolphins, Seals, Bluefin Tuna, Mola Mola or Sunfish, Basking Sharks and Belugas have all been seen on our tours. The videos of  our encounters are on our Youtube page, Trinity Eco-tours Lodge. View our footage of Close Encounters of the Whale Kind! Please go to our Facebook page to see our recent posts.