We are taking our wildlife experiences to the land with our new ATV tour in Newfoundland.

Exploring the ponds, creeks, and trails of the Bonavista Peninsula and beyond. See moose, ducks, fox, beavers and local birds on our new Honda ATV’s. Experience wildlife on the comfortable ATV’s we have selected for our ATV tours. It is exhilarating to experience the trails and tracks all throughout Newfoundland on the Trailway system (the old abandoned railway track that crosses the entire island). We provide an authentic Newfoundland boil up of tea and sandwiches along the way with a fire and a relaxing chat of our experiences after of ATV tours.

We can make a custom package for your group including accommodations tailored to your timeline and schedule for our ATV Tours. From one day to ten customize a group tour from any departure point to an arrival area or let us do the footwork for you to make your tour package.

What You’ll See

The natural beauty of the Newfoundland wildlife is like no other. With breathtaking views, captivating greenery, and charismatic animals, you won’t want to stop cruising through the countryside on our ATV’s.

A moose in the woods.


Roaming around the wooded areas of Newfoundland are eastern Moose. These massive mammals are peaceful in nature and a beautiful sight to see. Watch as they spend their day grazing on the shrubbery and drinking from ponds and lakes, and capture a photo of the renowned species in their natural rhythm of life.

Bald eagle flying overhead.


We are proud to share the land with a variety of incredible bird species such as duck, falcon, hawk, owl, and gull. Catch them soaring through the sky and marvel at their way of life as you travel through the land they roam.

Scenic coastline of Newfoundland


The landscape of this province will speak for itself as it leaves you speechless. Rolling hills covered in lush forestry and majestic coastlines stretching to the horizon is what you can expect to see on our ATVs. Get ready for a picture-perfect moment at every turn of our tour through the serene scenery of Newfoundland.

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What People Are Saying

“I had a beautiful ride on a crisp fall morning with Bob. I was well taken care of and enjoyed every part of the adventure! I’m looking forward to taking my family on a whale watching adventure in 2020 and would recommend this company to anyone.”

Trevor E

“It’s end of August. The whales are becoming more scarce so we chose to do an ATV tour. Because our place of lodging does not do an early breakfast we ate at Eco Tours (they have rooms and a small dining room). It was a great experience. Mary has to be one of the friendliest people on the planet. Cliff was our ATV guide. We covered a lot of ground, a good bit along the Old Trinity rail bed. Lots of beautiful open country, woods and two moose. A great trip.”

Bob L

“To be honest I was very nervous to do this ATV tour since I never drove one in the past, was only a passenger. But Cliff, our guide, was so patient with me and helped me feel comfortable first before starting the actual tour, that I am really happy I did it! My husband and I had a great time driving in the wilderness and learning about the land from Cliff. The ATV’s were not difficult to operate. Also, we were able to start the tour earlier (we booked the 4:45pm one) so we could finish before the restaurants closed which we appreciated very much. Thank you for a super fun way to end our trip to Newfoundland!”

B Bum