About Trinity Eco-Tours

About Trinity Eco-Tours

About Trinity Eco-Tours

We are a tour company specializing in the viewing and interaction of marine wildlife for the pleasure and education of our patrons by Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) and by guided Kayak tours. In our pictures and videos, you will see the awe-inspiring whales, birds, creatures, scenery and wildlife that we see on our tours. From our modest beginnings, the pictures speak for themselves as all of the photography was taken by your guides or our guests. Though not professionals, we have taken expert video and photographs with opportunities afforded us by our marine hosts. Come be a part of THE EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME, our theme and mantra.

We will provide you with a memorable experience that you will remember and relate to friends with zeal as you remember your vacation experiences over and over again. If whales and marine wildlife move you as it does us we should be THE choice for your tour. Trinity Eco-tours has provided guide services to Silverback Productions(BBC), filmmakers of the Blue Planet, NGK Japan National Television and National Geographic as consulting for film opportunities of marine wildlife and birds on the island.

Our lodge also provides accommodations for your stay in the Trinity area, a tremendous jump off point for all of the hiking trails, museums, and historic sites, tours, cultural events and culinary experiences in the Bight and the entire Bonavista Peninsula. We can recommend the events that suit your desired experiences, fill your time to give you the most of what you are looking to accomplish on your holiday. We are proud to say ” About the furthest from Disneyland as you can ever be.” We do offer a very different comprehensive experience from culture to scenery, breathtaking land and seascapes, history and not least the opportunity to really be away from it all.

As we say “Come and be one of us!”

Trinity Eco-Tours offers Boat (RHIB) and Guided Kayak Tours

We are proud to offer various tour packages, depending on your interest and skill level. We offer:

Zodiac and whaleZodiac Boat Tour, where you will have the opportunity to see our Humpbacks, Fins, Sperm and Minke whales. We also see puffins gannets, bald eagles and other wildlife along the way. We can cover the most area with a Zodiac, so you will have an excellent chance of seeing different types of wildlife on this tour.



Kayaking in the harbour

Guided Kayak Harbour Tour is good for beginner and intermediate kayakers. We operate both single and tandem kayaks on this tour, however for the beginner, we do recommend a tandem kayak. This tour involves a leisurely 2-hour kayak around Trinity Harbour, basically seeing wildlife and Trinity from the water. Past tours have seen from the water moose, fox, seals, and pine martin, along with Gannets, eagles and more.


Kayaking in NewfoundlandGuided Kayak Tow and Go Tour is reccommended for intermediate to experienced kayakers. These tours are outside of the harbour and launch from selected launch points around the Trinity area. The object of this tour is to take you out to areas where you will have the most opportunity to see Humpbacks. Last year (2012) we were very successful in seeing both Humpbacks and minke whales by kayak.


Group/Conference Tours: Are you a tour operator with a group going to the area? Do you need to book a memorable experience for your conference? Trinity Newfoundland is the answer for you. With the amount of history in the local area as well as the awe inspiring nature, your group will leave Trinity with a new appreciation and respect for what life was like for early Newfoundlanders. We can assist you with bookings for first class accommodations, arrangement of dining and theatre in the area as well as our tour. Call us today to find out more!