We would like to help you maximize the time you have on your trip so that you don’t waste time driving and manage to see the maximum number of events and sites during your stay.  Try to experience it all and if not….  come back again!

10 Facts About Icebergs in Newfoundland

Are you interested in an up-close and personal experience with icebergs so close you feel like you could reach out and touch them? Love the icy chill of the breeze that comes from being so close?

How To Be A Tourist In Your Own Province

What does it actually mean to become a tourist in your own home? It means immersing yourself fully into nature, wildlife culture, history and folklore more than you ever have before.

Exploring the East Coast of Canada 

A part of the world shaped by the water and grown on the land, Canada’s east coast is a beautiful combination of breathtaking acts of nature and heartwarming spirits of people.

Best Whale Watching Tours in Newfoundland

Though biased because I am a whale aficionado(self-proclaimed by the way). I know of few others around who are more passionate about whales who has personally observed (and filmed) their feeding, breeding and migratory behavior.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Whale Watching Photo

Whale watching in Newfoundland can be an awe-inspiring adventure and, for some travellers, the cherry on top is a postcard perfect souvenir photo. With preparation and patience you’ll increase your chance of leaving Trinity with a shot to make your Facebook friends jealous.

Newfoundland Whale Watching FAQ

Looking to go on a whale watching tour to see some of the largest whales, swim, frolic and feed up close and personal? Well, Newfoundland is the place to do it!

Iceberg Tours In Newfoundland

Newfoundland is your place of choice to view these massive icebergs. Trinity Eco-Tours will give you an unforgettable holiday that includes scenery, wildlife, culture and a great sense of adventure.

Things to Do in Trinity This Summer

The town of Trinity, Newfoundland may seem small but it’s packed with things to do on your Newfoundland vacation. Between strolling our historic streets, trying local fare, and connecting with nature the hardest decision will be choosing between all of the great activities on hand

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