We would like to help you maximize the time you have on your trip so that you don’t waste time driving and manage to see the maximum number of events and sites during your stay.  Try to experience it all and if not….  come back again!

The Best Place to See Newfoundland Icebergs

Every spring, giant hunks of ice break off from northern glaciers and start their journey south, skipping southeast along our shores. There’s a reason we call that coast Iceberg Alley.

Whales and Captivity: Like Oil and Water

Concrete tanks can never replace the ocean. Whales swim hundreds of miles per day in the wild and are highly intelligent animals. Even though captives are kept in an environment free of predators and pollution, they die young.

The Future of Canadian Tourism

Tourism in Newfoundland and Labrador is a major financially viable, renewable and essential portion of the provincial economy. The products we offer at Trinity Eco-tours are world class, once in a lifetime, life changing experiences, plus it is good value for your tourism dollar.

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