10 Facts About Icebergs in Newfoundland

Are you interested in an up-close and personal experience with icebergs so close you feel like you could reach out and touch them?  Love the icy chill of the breeze that comes from being so close. This is the opportunity to be around floating glacier portions as they drift through our Newfoundland waters that occur each spring in Iceberg Alley. If you have answered yes, watching icebergs in Newfoundland is the ideal opportunity for you! Newfoundland is uniquely placed to take advantage of these behemoths as they sail past our province.

Best Time to See Whales in Newfoundland

You’re bobbing along quietly, eyes searching the dark abyss, unsure where to look or if there is anything to see. Suddenly you hear the gasp of someone doing a second take while catching sight of 25 tonnes of whale breaching ending its performance with a wave of its 16’ tail. [...]

Newfoundland Whale Watching FAQ

Newfoundland Whale Watching  Looking to go on a whale watching tour to see some of the largest whales, swim, frolic and feed up close and personal? Well, Newfoundland is the place to do it! Newfoundland has the largest annually returning numbers of whales that visit our Newfoundland waters every year. [...]

Iceberg Tours In Newfoundland

Planning the Best Iceberg Tour in Newfoundland Are you interested in viewing icebergs up close and personal rather than standing on the coastline? Are you interested in feeling the cold air of these massive icebergs as they drift through our Newfoundland waters? If you have answered yes to the questions [...]

Best Whale Watching Tours in Newfoundland

Best Whale Watching Tours in Newfoundland I just read a whale watching review by someone in Michigan today who was here and only mentioned one boat tour with the title Best Whale Watching tours in Newfoundland. I thought that is a pretty limited point of view as to what we [...]

Why Whale Watching Should Be On Your Newfoundland Bucket List

Newfoundland Whale Watching Tours A Newfoundland Whale Watching Tour is a beautiful, exciting, and unique experience.  Your journey in Newfoundland will be chocked full of epic landscapes, endless wildlife viewing opportunities, and friendly encounters with humble locals.  Newfoundland is also very large. If you have limited time during your vacation, [...]

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