Discover every corner of Newfoundland’s wilderness with our incredible selection of tours! Visit the icebergs while meeting whales and other wildlife along the way in our Zodiac boat whale watching tours. Looking for a more personal experience? Try our sea kayaking excursions around the harbour and ravel in the beauty of the scenery while getting up close with the local marine life! To explore the lay of the land, hop aboard a comfortable ATV and cruise through Newfoundland nature and all there is to discover. No matter what adventure you’re looking for, we’ve got it here for you! 

Looking for a group adventure?

Trinity Newfoundland is the answer for you. With the amount of history in the local area as well as the awe-inspiring nature, your group will leave Trinity with a new appreciation and respect for what life was like for early Newfoundlanders. We can assist you with bookings for first-class accommodations, an arrangement of dining and theatre in the area as well as our tour. Contact us today to find out more!

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Trinity Eco-Tours is a proud partner promoting responsible whale watching, citizen science, and cetacean preservation through our affiliation with WCA.

What People Are Saying

“Our whale watching tour via zodiac boat was a relaxing beautiful adventure. The water was extremely calm the morning we went out so we were able to see the Minke whale multiple times as it ate fish in a nearby bay. We saw a lot of different birds, and the capelin fish that the whales dine on. That was a sight to see under the water. We encountered multiple waterfalls off the cliffs and just had a wonderful time. Thank you!!”

Jess A

“We had the most amazing time with Skipper Bob. Our family, 2 adults plus 2 teens, got to experience some amazing sights. Skipper Bob is friendly and knowledgeable, the boat was comfy and safe. And the whales…. huge Fin whales and sublime Humpbacks. We were probably only about 30m away much of the time. Plus we were lucky enough to see dolphins feeding amongst the Humpbacks. Thanks again Skipper Bob, this memory will stay with us for a very long time.”


“Wow! Unbelievable experience! Thanks Captain Bob for your expertise in finding the whales, making our experience fun, safe and educational, and providing us with some amazing photographic opportunities to watch breaching whales!”

Ron G