No Captivity

No Captivity

Many people that go on our tours have never had the opportunity to see these beautiful mammals in the wild. For most, the only exposure that people have to whales and dolphins are the unfortunate ones in tanks. However, once you see them in the wild, freely coming up to the boat to interact, you will agree that these beings should not be imprisoned.

new imageEvery summer, we have the opportunity to watch mothers teaching their calves to feed, adults breaching alongside the boat, and others having fun by lying on their back waving their fins in the air. They are performing for us because they want to do so, not because someone else made them do it (most likely for food).

Perhaps the most moving show that I have ever witnessed was in 2010, when a pod of 7 Orcas came into our waters to feed. The pod consisted of a very large male, with females and their calves. The show that they put on for us on August 17th 2010 was one that I think will stay in the minds of our tour group forever.

Purely by accident, we happened on the Orcas just as they were about to attack a Minke whale. It was something that we were unwilling witnesses to. We were upset but at the same time fascinated about the co-ordination of the whole group in the attack. The whole pod worked together to get their food. I felt bad for the Minke whale, but at the same time, the Orcas have to eat too.

(NOTE: to see this video yourself, please search youtube for the username of “trinityecotours”. This video was not placed on our website because of the graphic violence involved. This video garnered international attention and on the original site, garnered 80,000 hits in 3 days.)

Seeing the Orca attack was shocking, however, what was really shocking to me is how I have seen these animals in the past being fed. I decided that I would much rather see them in the wild eating, than seeing them being thrown fish from a trainer.

It is my hope that once you see these marine mammals in the wild, you too, will feel compelled to act against having these animals in captivity. Since 2011, Trinity Eco-Tours has committed to aid in the fight of no captivity for these animals. We pledge to donate $5.00 of every ticket sold to be donated to a group that specializes in this. We are currently looking at two groups that most need our support.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImagine a superpod of 80 or dolphins split up and four or five of the best looking ones kept alive to perform tricks, while the rest are slaughtered. This very situation happens every year in Japan. What is really sad, is that most people do not know what these animals go through before they end up in the tanks performing tricks, including the “swim with the dolphins” that is becoming more popular each passing year.

It is our hope that after you see these marine mammals in the wild, you leave Newfoundland with a new appreciation for these animals by not supporting anything that has to do with the capture and imprisonment of these animals. “No Captivity” for marine mammals. We hope that you agree too!