Whale Watching Tours With Trinity Eco Tours

Whale Watching Tours With Trinity Eco Tours


Our Whale Watching Tours

Experience the largest annual migration of whales in the world during one of our inspirational Whale Watching Tours in Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Our whale watching tours are an awesome educational, life affirming, unique three-hour experience. On our tours, you will have the opportunity to see majestic whales such as the humpback whale, fin whale, and sperm whale. You may occasionally dolphins and potentially Orcas. We see minke whales all year long!

With marine scapes, sea caves, icebergs (during season), and rugged coastline vistas as your backdrop, your whale watching adventure with Trinity Eco-tours will follow the coast, remote islands, and communities of Trinity Bay. We also have many wildlife viewing opportunities, with cetaceans such as dolphins and porpoises. During the season, we tend to spot seals, bluefin tuna, basking sharks, puffins, gannets, eagles, and more.

Humpback whales are known as the Showman of the Ocean for their breaching, tail lobbing, pec fin slapping and acrobatic acts unique to other whale species. The Humpbacks return to gorge themselves on the abundance of krill, capelin, and baitfish to replenish their fat reserves. 

Our whale numbers reach their maximum from late June until late fall. They then leave Newfoundland to return to areas like the Silver Bank of the Dominican Republic and other Caribbean locations to breed and calve in the south. This annual migration supposedly follows back to the dinosaurs’ pattern of travelling north to feed, then travelling south for the winter.

The content featured on our website is exclusively from our tours. Be sure to check out some of the photos or videos from our whale watching tours for a glimpse as to what you could expect to see. Our whale watching tours are world class. It has been said by a leading whale scientist that if you are a whale watching aficionado, eventually you will end up in Newfoundland!

Equipment For Whale Watching Tours

At Trinity Eco-tours your safety and comfort are our top priority! On our tours, you’ll be seated in our 25 foot Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB), also commonly referred to as zodiacs. RHIBs are power boats fitted with inflatable collars or tubes, which make RHIBs virtually unsinkable and find use as rescue boats all over the world. 

Our RHIB’s are Transport Canada certified as a tour/passenger vessel with a capacity of 12 persons each. For additional safety and comfort we also provide individual flotation suits, a welcome addition to any warm clothing you already may be wearing.

*Please note that “Zodiac” is a brand name of a RHIB — it is not a style of boat.

Why Choose a Zodiac Whale Watching Tour?

Our RHIB (Zodiac) provides the most personal experience on your whale watching tour hosted by a  local, knowledgeable Skipper (Captain & Guide, feel free to ask them questions). These vessels allow you to be closer to the action and wildlife that we encounter as opposed to a large capacity traditional whale watching tour boat which can be crowded making viewing difficult for some passengers. 

We maneuver our RHIB out of the whale’s way and let them be socially interactive if they choose, without the danger of ever disrupting the whale. 

We have recently become a member of the World Cetacean Alliance to highlight and respond to whale issues such as whale tour limits of approach, commercial shipping collisions, entanglement,  cetacean capture, and captivity and release – which are all very important marine issues.

Your whale tour purchase, as well as any tail fluke shots you photograph, allows us to be influencers through the use of citizen science, member contributions, and financial support to improve the lives of whales.

Our Whale Watching Tour Schedule & Rates 

Our regular tours will begin on May 14th and run until September 30th, 2020. We operate up to 3 separate tours per day starting at 9:00AM, followed by 1:00PM, and 5:00PM. The rest of the year is upon request. We require a four person minimum to conduct a tour. 

We may ask if you can reschedule should there be less than four passengers. We certainly appreciate your cooperation in the shoulder seasons when there may be fewer travellers and patrons.

Rates for our Whale Watching Tours 

May 14th – September 30th: 9:00AM, 1:00PM, 5:00PM

Adults: $90.00 pp

Children under 12: $60.00 pp 

We highly encourage families! Trinity Eco-Tours also offers special rates for three children or more of the same family as well as for large groups. We are also able to customize tours to fit individual needs.


Where Is Trinity Bay?

Trinity is located on the East Coast of Newfoundland, about 2.5 hours away from the capital city, St. John’s. But don’t worry, the drive is well worth it! With tons of places to visit, sights to see, and delicious food to eat, Trinity has “all that and a bag of chips”. 

You will be immersed in the outport experience, culture, jargon (don’t worry we speak slower for guests) and our proud heritage while spending time in Trinity. Many of our newest town residents are enamoured vacationers who simply could not stay away. 

For a quick guide to Trinity, check out our blog post detailing the ins and outs of the beautiful Town of Trinity: trinityecotours.com/things-to-do-in-trinity-newfoundland/

Interested in Experiencing Something Different? 

If you’re looking to experience something a bit more adventurous and hands on, we’ve got plenty of alternative options you’ll love: 

Guided Kayak Harbour Tour

The Harbour Kayak Tour takes you on a two hour leisurely paddle around Trinity Harbour where you’ll spot wildlife such as moose, fox, eagles, seals, pine marten, gannets and more! Learn more about the tour on our website: trinityecotours.com/sea-kayaking-tours/

Tow & Go

Geared towards more experienced Kayakers, our Tow and Go tour brings you farther out into the waters of Trinity Bay, where you will then Kayak back along the coast. Experience the sights and sounds Trinity Bay has to offer along the way, like sea caves, diverse marine life, and of course, puffins. This tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours. Learn more about our Tow & Go Tour on our website: trinityecotours.com/tow-go-kayak/

ATV Tours

We are taking our wildlife experiences inland with our new ATV Tours. Explore the ponds, creeks, and trails of the Bonavista Peninsula and beyond. See moose, ducks, fox, beavers and local birds while riding on our new Honda ATV’s. 

Discover the “T’railway” system as you ride your ATV along the old abandoned railway track that crosses the entire island. Then, settle down for an authentic Newfoundland boil up with tea and sandwiches by the campfire. Learn more about our ATV Tours on our website: trinityecotours.com/atv-tours/

Phat Bike Tours

Interested in the best of the T’railway system, the Old Trinity Loop abandoned amusement park, the Bonavista Peninsula, and beyond? Do a self guided tour on one of our Phat Bikes. You can traverse the trails in comfort while getting some exercise. Let us pack you a lunch, give you a map, and make an outing of the experience. New this year, this tour allows you to enjoy the best of Trinity outdoors at your leisure. 

Contact us for rates and tour duration. We require a 2 person minimum for rental. A guided tour may be an option to purchase with advance notice.


bald eagleThere are many options for hiking on the Bonavista Peninsula and beyond. Check out Hike Discovery network of trails here. There are many local trails in the Trinity area, and also a complete network all over the peninsula. 

The most popular trail, rated one of the top ten in Canada, is the Skerwink Trail. It is a must do for anyone visiting the Trinity area and the Bonavista Peninsula. Learn more about the Skerwink trail here.

Other Attractions

Guests have been coming to Trinity Bight for the past 500 years, and the first court in the New World was held in Trinity in 1615.  It has been a site of commerce for that long and once vied to be the capital of the province over St. John’s.

There are several historic sites, all with interpreters and curators, within walking distance in Trinity. Visit the historic Fort Point, a lighthouse and museum near the old British Garrison stationed at Admiral’s Point. Hike Gun Hill to view the military significance of this gun site.

The Rising Tide Theatre provides entertainment featuring local artists and plays. It has featured plays and historical interpretation for over thirty years, including the Trinity Pageant which features scenes from local recorded history including depiction of court scenes and pirates.

Haute cuisine is featured at The Twine Loft and The Fishers Loft Inn both offering a fixed menu with a vegetarian option. Local fare can be experienced at The Dock Marina or at our own restaurant, Skipper Bob’s Bistro.

There is plenty to do while you are here! We would recommend allotting 3-4 days to explore Trinity and the Bonavista Peninsula.