Video Gallery

Video Gallery

A Little Bit of Everything

Videos were taken last season by our guides.  Take a look at a quick snapshot of things that can be seen on our tours!


Humpback Whales Waving “Hello

A compilation of videos obtained during the 2016 season of a very curious whale we named Finnegan. He made our spring season extraordinary by being a constant companion and source of entertainment for our guests.


Breaching Orca Whales

This is “Story Behind the Shot”. It is a documentary style explanation of the photo and video shoots that we have completed for Trinity Eco-tours. Listen as Skipper Bob narrates amazing things that may happen on one of your tours!


Newfoundland Iceberg Tours: Maberly Iceberg

A few of our favourite iceberg photos from our 2016 season.  Skipper Bob narrates about the lure, charm and history of icebergs in Newfoundland and Labrador.


High Activity Single afternoon double show


Duck Island Iceberg

Icebergs, Drone footage of icebergs, Newfoundland and Labrador.


See The Wonderful Humpback Whales of Newfoundland

These whales never fail to disappoint, always putting on a show for our guests.


Ever Been Kissed by a Whale?