What to Expect

What to Expect

On the Tour Boat

expect1A tour in a RHIB can be an exhilarating experience. Here are tips to make your tour enjoyable:

– When you arrive, please be prepared to be outfitted in full floatation one piece suits. These suits are floatation suits, designed to keep you warm in all types of conditions. These suits will keep you warm in the cooler weather.

– Please wear sturdy footwear. Sunscreen is essential! Sunglasses are very important to take for your adventure. Glare from the water will give you a nice even tan all over your face!

– A good camera case or covering for your camera is essential. Carry spare batteries as patrons have a tendency to use up their batteries in the early part of their tour and usually encounter something that they wish they could record later but have no power!!!!

– Leave all valuables either in your room or locked in your car. There are no washroom facilities on the boat. We say “GO BEFORE YOU GO!!’


While on the Boat

expect3While you are on the boat, please do not stand on the inflatable collar, except for entering and exiting the boat.

One thing that I have noticed while being on a RHIB is that people do not seem to get seasick as they would on other boats. You do not have the back and forth “swaying” as you would if you were in a sailboat, for example. Many people have commented about forgetting their motion sickness medicine then realizing that they did not need it after all! So, don’t let the idea of “sea sickness” stop you from experiencing a tour!


For a Pleasurable Kayaking Experience

If you have never gone out in a kayak before, please request a tandem (2 person) kayak. Our kayaks are very lightweight and have been chosen for their superior stability but they can still tip over — especially if you have never been on one before. Please keep ALL of your valuables locked away somewhere else while you are kayaking, for the reasons above.

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