Enjoy the breeze off the Atlantic Ocean’s waters and try to spot local wildlife such as whales, seals, bald eagles, jellyfish, and the occasional moose along the coastline.

No experience necessary.

Guided Kayak Harbour Tour

Our knowledgeable guides will teach you how to use your sea kayak with an introduction to proper paddling technique. You’ll also be briefed on the required safety instructions and be fitted with a life jacket before heading out on the guided tour around Trinity Bay.

Our guided sea kayaking tour will take you around Trinity Bay, where you’ll take in the beautiful sights of the town of Trinity. As you paddle, your guide will regale you with history and folklore about the historic town known as ‘the pearl of Newfoundland outports’.

Tow and Go Kayak

Looking For More Adventure?

Travel to the outer edges of our coastal trip and kayak back to Trinity seeing whales and other wildlife. We will tow your kayak with your guide and then drop you off in the waters of Trinity Bay, where you will kayak with your guide along the coast back to the town of Trinity. Along the way, you will visit caves, and possibly see puffins and whales.

Rates and Schedule

8am Tow & Go

$17900Per Person
  • Daily from early June – October 21st
  • Start Time: 8:00am
  • Duration: 3-4 hrs

Afternoon Tour

$12900Per Person
  • Daily from early June – October 21st
  • Start Time: 1:00pm
  • Duration: 3.5 hrs

Please note all riders under the age of 18 must also be accompanied by an adult. Tours of a longer duration can be accommodated upon request. All of our tours are fully insured, however we do recommend booking early. 

What You’ll See

Newfoundland is home to many whales, seabirds, and beautiful wildlife. Some stay around all year long, while others are seasonal visitors. See them up close and personal as you paddle along the coastline.

A whale head poking out of the water.


The spectacle of the ocean’s largest creatures can be met first-hand in our sea kayaking-tours. Share the sea with humpbacks, minke, fin, and even orca whales as they travel across the coastline feeding on the fish below. These delightfully peaceful creatures provide lifelong memories for any tourist they meet, so come be the next one to say hello!

A fox walking along a cliff.


The Province of Newfoundland is well known for its abundance of wildlife; within the sea, on the land and in our skies. It’s common to spot all types of birds on tour including Puffins, Bald Eagles, Hawks and a variety of other sea birds.

Birds along a cliff.


Over the sea in the skies above is where you will find the incredible array of seabird species that soar over the ocean surface. Watch as puffins, eagles, hawks, gulls, and more move through the air and feast on the fish that swim below them. You’re sure to have a front-row seat as they swoop down from above, dive into the water, and soar back to their nests along the wooded rocky coast.

What To Expect

  • If you have never gone out in a kayak before, please request a tandem (2 person) kayak.

  • Our kayaks are very lightweight and have been chosen for their superior stability but they can still tip over — especially if you have never been on one before.

  • Sunscreen is essential! Sunglasses are very important to take for your adventure. Glare from the water will give you a nice even tan all over your face!

  • Leave all valuables either in your room or locked in your car.

  • There are no washroom facilities. We say “GO BEFORE YOU GO!!”

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What People Are Saying

“My daughter and I had no kayak experience, but we went for the kayak tour anyway. “Kayak” Chris called us the day before to gauge our experience, expectations for the tour, and to planned a tour that would work for us. Chris was very focused on safety and designed a perfect tour for us. We didn’t do the “tow and go” but we paddled all around the Bay with Chris. We had a blast, we enjoy Trinity from the water, and we laugh and chat a lot while doing it (nothing that would surprise anyone that knows “Kayak” Chris). If you are looking for your first kayak experience, you just cannot do any better than doing this tour in Trinity with Chris. It was absolutely awesome; we totally recommend doing it. Furthermore, I’m sure you will regret being in this beautiful area and not doing this. The experience was fantastic, and you cannot be in better hands.”

M Koenalonso

“Spent a wonderful sunny warm Sunday afternoon sea kayaking with the careful and entertaing guide, Chris. He trained the newbies and tutored the experienced with equal attention. Stronly endorse Trinity Eco Tours for this activity. A great vacation experience for all ages!”

John G

“We had an amazing morning sea kayaking with Skipper Chris! It was so peaceful and we got to see such amazing landscapes and wildlife. It was a wonderful experience, I would highly recommend it.”

Krista M