The Best Newfoundland Iceberg Tours 

Zodiac Boat Tour Near Large Iceberg

Spring is a notorious season here in Newfoundland. The temperatures don’t rise much above freezing and snow isn’t uncommon. It’s a bit like winter-lite. But the best thing happens in spring…the icebergs arrive.

Every spring, giant hunks of ice break off from northern glaciers and start their journey south, skipping southeast along our shores. There’s a reason we call that coast Iceberg Alley. By late May and early June icebergs can be so plentiful that we put them to work, making vodka, gin, rum, and beer from the ice. Some of the purest in the world. Claim yourself a chunk of a Newfoundland Iceberg from a beach to chip into your drink and you’ll see what we mean.

We think the best place to see icebergs in Newfoundland is right here in Trinity Bay, not only because of the bergs but also because of all of the wonderful things there is to do and our relative proximity to St. John’s and the airport. It’s that perfect intersection of convenience and abundance.

Newfoundland icebergs come in every size and shape, from blocky, wedges, and domes to the iconic pinnacle shape. Colors can range from the whitest of whites to the deepest aquamarines. They’re truly works of art.

If you happen to be near, but not too near now, when an iceberg rolls count yourself among the lucky few who get to witness this amazing show of nature. Icebergs can be very unpredictable so we always stay a safe distance away but you’ll still be able to get an iceberg selfie.

Newfoundland icebergs are no strangers to our tours and whether you decide to head out in a zodiac or in a kayak you’ll get an eyeful. Being anywhere near a piece of ice that big makes the air around it much cooler than it would normally be, so guests are always happy to have our immersion suits available to keep them warm and dry.

Come out on a tour with us this spring and keep your eye out for those majestic beasts. Don’t forget your camera.