Best Whale Watching Tours in Newfoundland

I just read a whale watching review by someone in Michigan today who was here and only mentioned one boat tour with the title Best Whale Watching tours in Newfoundland. I thought that is a pretty limited point of view as to what we see. SO I said to myself “Hey Skipper Bob, you are an expert maybe you should throw your hat in the arena and venture some opinions.” Though biased because I am a whale aficionado(self-proclaimed by the way). I know of few others around who are more passionate about whales who has personally observed (and filmed) their feeding, breeding and migratory behavior. Plus I have even caught them well… erghhh… unghhhh… well farting!!!😬😬😬😬😬😬😬
I have traveled to the south in The Dominican Republic and ventured offshore to the Silver Banks where the mothers bear the young. Seeing a newborn calf exploring its surroundings while some strange two-legged creature swims around for an unknown purpose to him. 
There is magic in that. There is magic in listening and filming an inverted Humpback singer calling out his lonely call to others. 
I have filmed a sleeping Humpback in the northern waters of Trinity Bay my home and the base for our tours. Don’t watch all the way to the end as it is not exciting to watch someone sleep!!
We have thousands of pictures, videos and personal experiences to share from our nine consecutive years on the water. So yeah I am going to say I am an expert!  Plus we have been kissed by a whale and I have the video to prove it. Don’t worry Finnegan I am not the kind to kiss and tell, well maybe in your case.
Growing up in the province I have traveled almost everywhere you could possibly go, experience, swim, dive, walk and film of this island we call home. I love this place there is no place I would rather be. You know how you tell all the Newfoundlanders in heaven? They are the ones that still want to go home!!!!!

I will say the Northeast Avalon is among the best if not the best for whale watching. With a combination of spawning Capelin which draws the whales. the Fin, Humpback and Minke whales that migrate to feed on them. Combined with the fact that we get such splendid icebergs, Puffins, Northern Gannets, Cormorants, Bald Eagles, spectacular seascapes and caves Best Whale Watching yeah we do that!!!

best whale watching tours in newfoundland
best whale watching tours in newfoundland
best whale watching tours in newfoundland
best whale watching tours in newfoundland
Well we have the most to see that I know of in just one tour. We have the videos. pictures and testimonials to prove it.
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If you can find better viewing from videos taken on anyone’s whale tours in Newfoundland I would be very surprised so I think I will throw my hat in the ring for BEST WHALE WATCHING TOUR IN NEWFOUNDLAND!!!
My advice is when you want to find out something that is the best ask someone local and check out Newfoundland!! All their providers are Tourism Assurance Plan certified as accommodations, tour, and guest services fully qualified and competent to give you your best experience. 
Everyone has great experiences on their visit here. It is something magical about the place we call home, Newfoundland. Well, let Skipper Bob talk about it a bit.