So, you’ve got the trip planned, you’ve got destinations and places set to visit, and you’re looking to experience the perfect Whale Watching tour.

You’ve heard stories of whales swimming up to greet boats and watched jaw-dropping videos of them breaching to the sky. Now, you want to experience it for yourself. But you have a few questions: “Where should I go?” “When should I go?” “What expectations should I have?” All this and more will be answered in our Ultimate Guide to Planning The Best Whale Watching Tour.

When is the Best Time to Book a Whale Watching Tour?

Most whales begin migrating to the coast of Newfoundland during May, and can stay here until September. However, the warmer months of July and August tend to be when whales are at their highest volume in our Atlantic waters. But you have to keep in mind, there’s no guarantees schedule for sea creatures. Migration can vary year to year.

Depending on when you’re planning to visit Newfoundland, you may be lucky enough to experience a once in a lifetime sight: icebergs and whales together. During the months of May and June, iceberg season intersects whale season, and you just might be able to see both at once! How cool would that be?

Here in Newfoundland, we are extremely fortunate to view a wide variety of whale species throughout the summer season. The most popular breed living near Newfoundland shores is the Humpback whale. However, there’s certainly no shortage of other whale species, including; Sperm Whales, Minke Whales, Blue Whales, Orca Whales, Pothead Whales, and if you’re lucky, you may even get to see a pod of Dolphins swimming by. What can we say, we’re grateful for the variety of whales that call Newfoundland waters their home.

What Watercraft Vehicles Can Be Used to Take Whale Watching Tours?

You can picture it now; you’re cruising through Trinity Bay, when in the corner of your eye, you see a Humpback Whale rise to the surface, waving its tail as if saying ‘hello’. Cool huh?

How are you able to see such a sight you may ask? While sailing on our RHIB Zodiac Boat, you get an up-close experience with whales and other sea life. Our Zodiac boats allow you to get much closer than a traditional ‘Boat Tour’ ship.Safety is always our #1 priority, and our RHIB Zodiac Boats are certified tour operating vehicles with a capacity of 12 persons. As well, our boats are equipped with your choice of brand new Helly Hansen flotation suits.

Where Is Trinity Bay?

Trinity is located on the East Coast of Newfoundland, about 2.5 hours away from the capital city, St. John’s. But don’t worry, the drive is well worth it! With tons of places to visit, sights to see, and delicious food to eat, Trinity has “all that and a bag of chips”. You’ll learn all about our culture, lingo, and history while spending time in Trinity. We’re only a little bit worried you may never want to leave…

For a quick guide to Trinity, checkout our blog post detailing the ins and outs of the beautiful Town of Trinity:

Places To See & Things to Do

  • Have a sip of local beer at the Port Rexton Brewery (nestled only 15 minutes away in the town nextdoor)
  • Dine at the Twine Loft.
  • Hike along the Skerwink Trail. Once of Newfoundland’s most beloved trails, the Skerwink runs 5.3 Kilometers along the coastline where you will catch glimpses of local communities, heritage buildings, and breath-taking views of the Atlantic ocean. You may also encounter some wildlife and discover secret gems such as sea caves, tiny beaches, and a variety of seabirds.
  • Hike the Discovery Trail. With 7 different paths to choose from, the Discovery Trail will lead you through surrounding communities, each offering views of our breath-taking coastline.
  • See a show at the Rising Tide Theatre. The theatre offers a variety of award winning plays celebrating the history and culture of Newfoundland. These plays are performed yearly by over 40 local artists.

Other Adventures

Guided Kayak Harbour Tour

The Harbour Kayak Tour takes you on a two hour leisurely paddle around Trinity Harbour where you’ll experience wildlife such as moose, fox, eagles, seals, Pine Marten, Gannets and more! Learn more about the tour on our website:

Tow & Go

Geared towards more experienced Kayakers, our Tow and Go tour brings you farther out into the waters of Trinity Bay, where you will then Kayak back along the coast. Experience the sights and sounds Trinity Bay has to offer along the way, like caves, diverse marine life, and puffins. This tour lasts approximately 3-4 hours.

Learn more about our Tow & Go Tour on our website:

ATV Tours

We are taking our wildlife experiences inland with our new ATV Tours. Explore the ponds, creeks, and trails of the Bonavista Peninsula and beyond. See moose, ducks, fox, beavers and local birds while riding on our new Honda ATV’s. Discover the “Trailway” system as you ride your ATV along the old abandoned railway track that crosses the entire island. Then, settle down for an authentic Newfoundland boil up with tea and sandwiches by the campfire.

Learn more about our ATV Tours on our website:

Where Do I Stay?

So, you’ve decided to come to Trinity. Now it’s time to book the perfect place to stay to round out your Ultimate Whale Watching Experience. To properly explore the Town of Trinity, we would recommend staying nearby. At Trinity Eco Tours Accommodations, you’ll stay in cozy, refurbished, historic buildings nestled in the heart of Trinity. We’re certain our accommodations will be perfect for you. To book your stay, checkout our accommodations page: There are also plenty of other cozy places to stay within the Town of Trinity in case our accommodations are full. Take a look:

  • Rosewood Suites:
  • Sherwood Suites:
  • Eriksen Premises:
  • The Twine Loft:
  • The Fishers Loft:
  • Seaport Inn:

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Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about planning the ultimate whale watching experience, it’s time to book! Learn more about our Whale Watching Tours, Accommodations, and more on our website.

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