Iceberg Tours In Newfoundland

Planning the Best Iceberg Tour in Newfoundland

Are you interested in viewing icebergs up close and personal rather than standing on the coastline? Are you interested in feeling the cold air of these massive icebergs as they drift through our Newfoundland waters?

If you have answered yes to the questions above, Newfoundland is for you! Newfoundland is your place of choice to view these massive icebergs. Trinity Eco-Tours will give you an unforgettable holiday that includes scenery, wildlife, culture and a great sense of adventure.

I have lived here all my life and it still excites me to go on the water every trip not just every day but up to three times a day. As a matter of fact, we have been seeing whales and icebergs together for the past several years, how can you beat that?

Many individuals think that to receive an unforgettable experience with Icebergs and Whales you would have to go to Alaska. Well, that is not the case. I have taken many guests from Alaska, on our Newfoundland iceberg tours, who have sung the accolades of Newfoundland for their iceberg/whale experience. Early in the spring, they may even have the opportunity to meet our favourite whale, Finnegan.

Our iceberg tours are done out of Trinity Bay, Newfoundland. Trinity Bay is about as far away from Disneyland as you can get. On our iceberg tours and whale watching tours, you are one in a million instead of one of a million. When you view an iceberg from one of our Zodiacs, it is a breathtaking experience to be so close to the water looking up at a large pinnacled or drydock iceberg.

So, what is the formula to success to ensure that you see these massive icebergs while in Newfoundland? Here is what I recommend:

Do not depend upon one area to fulfill all of your iceberg dreams. Book at least two or three different areas where icebergs are well known. For instance on the west coast of the province, St. Anthony is a great place to view icebergs later in the season. There has a tendency to be a high amount of pack ice early in the season, which may block the icebergs in. However, you should also consult other resources like or the Iceberg Alley App.

If you are on the Great Northern Peninsula then the North Central and Central Coast may have icebergs to follow. You may want to book in Change Islands/Twillingate area. If launching from the East Coast all along the Northeast Coast of the Avalon Peninsula can be a potential viewing area. St. John’s has several Whale Watch/Iceberg Tours. Therefore you may want to include Trinity/Bonavista as a jumpoff point for iceberg exploration.

Weather can foil your exploration plans. If you only a lot one day in a particular place then fog or weather can prevent you from having your iceberg encounter before you have to move on. Take a two-pronged approach to your visit; early in the season be flexible in your travel plans and be ready to move on to another place on short notice! Traveling on a whim is hard for some travelers but early in the season, you may be able to negotiate better rates and take advantage of the shoulder season when there is lots of space and availability. An added benefit is that you can also be on a tour that is very small and personal like Bonnie and Shelley below.

Get the information upfront. Follow the Iceberg Finder website that identifies icebergs with pictures on google maps. You can get dates of sightings, pictures of the iceberg and the route to follow to get there.

Another great resource is the Iceberg Alley App. It also gives sightings, pictures, and locations of icebergs, whales, and wildlife. Download it on your phone and have access while you travel to the latest pictures and locations to find the icebergs you are after.

We also post daily photos and videos in season showing our icebergs, whales, seabirds and wildlife to our Facebook page. Sometimes we have drone footage and other interesting events like Finnegan the Friendly Humpback whale, who we met during an iceberg tour in 2016. CBC wrote an interesting article on Finnegan!

Liking our Facebook page will provide you with up to date information about what is available in the Trinity area. We also supply information to and Iceberg Alley App. Another great resource is a private facebook page Newfoundland Iceberg Reports. They never let a Newfoundland Iceberg slip them by!

Go on multiple tours! It may be a good idea to do more than one tour. Make sure you get the best of the season and go to visit the different areas where icebergs are. Afterall you made the effort to get here so you should maximize success, experience, and fun.

To sum up, this post, be informed!! Be like a mud flap – flexible and willing to travel! Your experiences will be ones to remember of Iceberg Season 2019! You may get to see the perfect iceberg on a perfect day.

Be sure to check out our whale watching tours and sea kayaking tours if you are in the area and are looking for an experience that you won’t soon forget.

If you would like any further information, send us an email at or call direct (709) 464-3712. I would be happy to help.

Skipper Bob Bartlett

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Our eco-friendly whale watching/iceberg tours by Zodiac and Kayak, and our ATV tours are the best in Newfoundland!  We offer beautiful  accommodations and an on-site restaurant. It's an experience of a lifetime! 

This is hands down the best whale watching experience I have ever been on. In addition to seeing whales and puffins, Skipper Bob was exceptional. Great guide, full of stories and information and history of the region and an eagle-eye for whales! Thanks for an exceptional experience!

- Maureen R. -

Highly recommend the lodge and tours! We spent 3 nights at Trinity Eco Lodge. Warmly welcomed each morning by Shannon who helped us arrange some tours as well as gave us pointers on places of interest in the surrounding area. Shannon even told us we could warm up some of her homemade beef stew for dinner as we would be coming back late from our ATV trip!

- Ele L. -

We had a wonderful experience doing the whale watching tour! We were thrilled to see two different kinds of whales and a very rare bird - the stellar sea eagle, as well as stunning coastal views. Skipper Steve + Bob were very friendly and knowledgeable. Would absolutely recommend this tour!

- Jessica L. -

We had an excellent tour with Trinity Eco-Tours. We got to see whales, a variety of seabirds including the beautiful Atlantic puffins! But the highlight for me was finally being able to see the gorgeous Steller's sea eagle. She's currently the rarest bird in all of North America, and certainly amazing to see! Definitely worth a trip out with Trinity Eco-tours. The boat was comfortable, and the staff are all incredible! You will not be disappointed.

- Alicia B. -

I did a 3-hour boat tour and it was incredible! They are a great team and you'll be in good hands if you book a tour with them. Detailed information was provided prior to boarding and engagement with the travellers was regular. Although we didn't see any whales (it was off-season), we did see puffins and eagles. Of course, the scenic beauty was breathtaking - you are out in the ocean where you experience the beauty and the force of nature.

- Preeti. -

We had a great time on our sea kayaking tour. Darrell was a fun, informative and educational guide who made us feel super comfortable paddling on the ocean. We came in September at the end of the season so didn’t see any whales or puffins, but Darrell still did a great job telling us facts about local history and the environment and taking photos for us. The hot coffee and muffins at the end were a nice treat too. We’d love to come again when the icebergs and whales are in town!

- Liam B. -